Chris and Partner

This is how low Chris’ electricity bill is!

Like many Australian’s, Chris quickly became sick of the monthly routine of being slapped in the face with electricity bills in excess of $250.00.

Something as sure as receiving electricity bills is that Chris and his partner enjoy exploring the world by taking holidays, which anyone should have the privilege of doing. The problem is however, when we investigated where Chris’ budget is divided we found that every year he paid over $3,000 in bills to AGL Energy!

(Images from Chris’ Energy Bill – Real Figures!)

The decision Chris made next, to have an appointment with a solar specialist, literally changed how he now spends his money. Does he still pay electricity bills? Yes – but they are only $2.35!

If you are still paying thousands to your electricity company do yourself a favour and do the math! Find out what you deserve and are missing out on – is it family holidays, keeping on top of the latest tech, investments or just not having to worry about the monthly Netflix cost?

You will discover the opportunity available to you once you break free from the old-fashioned way of paying for electricity. We live in a day and age where the power is quite literally in our hands, we have a choice when it comes to how we want to pay our bills which now allows us to live, not to just simply survive.

“When I spoke to Chris in person after he had his solar system installed, he had a big grin on his face as he pulled out his phone to show me his $2.25 energy bill.”


At Ozzie Solar, we are dedicated to help more Aussies get that big grin on their faces like Chris. We want to show you not only how much you’ll be saving but also how we’ll get residential solar or commercial solar installed with $0 upfront.