Residential Solar


Ozzie Solar provides residential solar installations to Adelaide homeowners and ensures high standards. We never deal with the bottom end of the market meaning you will only ever be supplied with high quality & performance systems with extended warranties. 



Once you decide to go solar with Ozzie Solar we undertake four simple steps to ensure you get the proper solar system installed and operating correctly.

  • Consultation

    Consult with you to choose the right solar system for your requirements.

  • Applications

    Apply for SA Power Networks approval for your solar system installation. Refer your approval to your electricity retailer to ensure your electricity meter is upgraded (when required) and grid feed-in tariff is registered.

  • Installation

    Arrive on time to complete your installation. A 6.6kW installation will commonly be completed within the day. Larger or more complex installations may take multiple days to complete.

  • Documentation

    We will help assist you with completing all the required legal documents regarding your new solar system.

  • After Sales Service

    After your system has been installed, we will contact you for feedback about our service and to see if you have any other questions. After your installation we're only a quick phone call away. Feel free to reach out to us anytime!

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  • Save enormous amounts of carbon dioxide from entering Australia’s atmosphere
  • Help Australia meet international environmental agreements
  • Reduce the need for new coal powered power stations
  • Lower Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions


  • Save up to $4000 off the average solar system with the governments solar credit scheme
  • Get paid for the electricity you produce
  • Add value to your home or investment property
  • Insulate yourself from growing energy costs

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