Solar Battery Brands

Ozzie Solar provides solar batteries to South Australian homeowners, ensuring high standards at all times. We never deal in the bottom end of the market, meaning the batteries available are only of top quality and performance. If requested, Ozzie Solar will not provide cheaper and less reliable alternatives. As with our solar systems, we only provide products that we are 100% confident will produce results for our customers.


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Ozzie Solar and Sonnen provide South Australian homeowners the best of in home energy storage. Sonnen provides more than just a battery. The system is capable of automatically adjusting usage throughout the household. Sonnen allows homeowners to become totally independent, supplying themselves with clean energy and steering away from grid power. The Sonnen Battery is a top quality, yet extremely affordable storage solution. Sonnen combines German design with Australian expertise, manufacturing products in South Australia. Sonnen has already provided 50,000 battery storage systems worldwide. Sonnen storage product, the sonnenBatterie, is extremely popular throughout Australia. The sonnenBatterie is expandable, comes ready-to-connect and involves mobile app support and control.



Ozzie Solar offers the Tesla Powerwall 2 storage system to South Australian homeowners. This battery is capable of integrating with solar to store excess energy generated throughout the day and ensuring availability at all times. The Tesla Powerwall 2 reduces reliance on grid power, ensuring the world progresses further towards a clean future. The battery is compact and simple, is an automated system and requires no maintenance from the consumer.

Ozzie Solar and AlphaESS help South Australian homeowners store clean power, become independent with their energy needs and insulate against rising electricity bills. AlphaESS has a strong presence worldwide, already offering batteries to 80+ countries. AlphaESS offer various different storage solutions, starting at 3kW.


Ozzie Solar and Tesla ensure South Australian homeowners have access to energy storage, providing 24/7 backup protection with the Powerwall. Powerwall stores energy, detects outages and ensures you have energy in the event of the grid going down. Powerwall provides the huge benefit of operating with little noise, an attractive alternative to generators. The Tesla app allows for energy production and consumption to be monitored in real time. Powerwall involves a minimalistic design, with no hot vents or exposed wires (ensuring the product is child and pet friendly). Powerwall involves 13.5kWh energy capacity, with up to 10 Powerwalls able to be stacked to increase capacity. Installation involves either wall or floor mount, indoor or outdoor. Powerwall offers a 10 year warranty.


Our battery specialist will analyse your individual situation to determine the appropriate battery (brand and size). We are experts in the field and will ensure the battery installed will work effectively with your current solar system. 


Once you decide to go batteries with Ozzie Solar we undertake four simple steps to ensure you get the appropriate battery installed and operating correctly.

  • Phone OR Face-to-Face Consultation

    Our battery specialist will have a chat with you over the phone to determine an appropriate solar battery for your existing solar system.

  • Site Inspection

    A qualified installer will assess your home to determine an appropriate location for the installation of your solar battery.

  • Installation

    Arrive on time to complete your installation and finish all installation on the day.

  • Documentation

    We will help assist you with completing all the required legal documents regarding your new solar battery.

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  • Save enormous amounts of carbon dioxide from entering Australia’s atmosphere
  • Help Australia meet international environmental agreements
  • Storing energy results in less reliance on grid power, which is commonly generated through coal plants and other fossil fuels.
  • Lower Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions


  • Get paid for the electricity exported to the grid (after your battery reaches capacity).
  • Recover the cost of your battery.
  • Add value to your home or investment property.
  • Insulate yourself from growing energy costs.
  • Heavily reduce electricity bills.