8 Real Reasons to Switch to Solar

Stop losing money and make the switch to solar in 2019.
This is why:

Solar Price Graph
Prices of solar over the years gradually lowering.

1. Solar is cheaper than ever. As the market has grown for residential and commercial solar the price of panels have dropped significantly over the years making now the best time to purchase a home solar panel system. With current government STC rebates, there is no excuse not to at least research some more. Over a 10 year period you could save roughly ~$20,000… and it keeps going up from there! You’ll provide electricity for you household in a clean and pollution-free manner at a cost less than your current electricity provider.

2. Endless possibilities for solar. The sun has a lot of life left in it. We can bring to life literally any electronic with solar power with traditional electrical means. The world leader in solar, Germany, produces 5 times as much solar power than all states in Australia which truly shows the untapped potential solar energy has!

3. Home’s property value increases with solar panels. Homes that already have a solar system installed yield higher prices than homes that have not made the transition yet. People are willing to pay more when buying a solar powered house to inherit the ability to save more money over time instead of opting into paying electricity companies. Since solar energy savings happens over an extended period of time and solar is a renewable energy, buyers will be chomping at the bit to buy your solar powered home.

4. Rebates will be phased out. By 2030 rebates will be phased out completely meaning systems will have to be purchased at their full price. Every year that you put off installing solar is money out of your pocket.

5. The technology is stable and efficient. Solar is a renewable energy and as we said before, the sun is here to stay for a long time. The future is solar power – other forms of non renewable energy will be slowly phased out. Making the investment into solar will allow you to feel good about your choice for years to come. With the popularity of solar growing the price is declining – you can count on a solar system for many reasons.

6. Predictable ROI. For the most part, a typical home solar installation can fully pay itself off in 6-15 years. Saving continue from there with more significant savings being made over the course of the solar system’s life. Many homeowners can expect to save up to or over $48,000 over 20 years.

7. Solar requires minimal maintenance. As solar panels have no moving parts, maintenance is almost non-existent after installation. The most they may require is to be washed off as simply done with a water hose. When panels are left unclean for a significant amount of time they can lose about 5% efficiency.  Besides the rather infrequent cleaning, there isn’t anything else to think about besides what to do with the saved money.

8. Solar works with the environment. Fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and petroleum commonly used to power homes are limited in supply as they are created from the remains of living organisms. These resources will run out and and their price will increase as they run low in supply.

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